Liz Farley


Liz Farley has been giving back to the City of University Park for nearly two decades.

“Living in a city like University Park is not something to take for granted,” says Liz. “The people before me did not, and I take the responsibility to continue to balance progress with preservation…to look forward while at the same time nodding to those who have created this city that we love.”

Liz has been a member of the Planning & Zoning Commission for eight years, and served for the eight years before that as a member of the Park Board. She was the inaugural Citizen of the Year and spearheaded a fundraising program to replace and update three of our city’s playgrounds—an effort that continues to raise money for our city parks today. It is this long-term proven dedication to the City of University Park that makes Liz an outstanding candidate for city council.

Liz and her husband Lane have called University Park home for 19 years, and raised their three children here. Professionally, Liz is a registered nurse and has worked in our local schools as a nurse, as well.